Breastfeeding Clothing

  Dress / Bra

I want to stop and talk about Breastfeeding Clothing. I wish I knew about, when I had my first baby to make Breastfeeding a little more comfortable, as for some its no easy task when having to nurse.

I discovered one of the best nursing bras I have worn in my almost 6 years straight of nursing babies. One of the most common questions I get is, what is my favorite nursing bra’s and this my friend’s is the one, it is by ThirdLove. I have always had one that would not hold its shape when washing, the quality would not be that great, and finding a great fit would also be very difficult. ThirdLove has made that so easy for you to find the perfect size, as they have went a step further and designed a chart to help you choose the perfect fit. Also for you moms who are no longer nursing they have them for you as well.

How gorgeous are these colors????? I want them all!!!


I also want to talk about Harper and Bay(Dresses) as this mom’s company started when she became a mother to her first child. She wanted to breastfeed, and soon after she was born she found out that breastfeeding would be the single most challenging and rewarding experience for her as a new mom. She had a hard time with her milk supply being low and poor Eden was starving. After working with an amazing lactation consultant, many pep talks from her husband and a LOT of fenugreek tablets, her milk finally came in and she was able to experience how great nursing a baby could be. On top of milk supply struggles, she also found it very hard to nurse in many of her clothes (especially dresses). Like I personally struggled with especially on Sunday mornings. She then decided to put her fashion design degree to good use and started designing and sewing prototypes of breastfeeding dresses. She started this company because she knew there was a need for dresses that make nursing easy but are also stylish and on trend.  What is even better is that you can still wear the dresses/tops even after breastfeeding. You don’t have to take my word for it. Try them as they are game changers! The design has a built in zipper that makes nursing so very easy and you are able to nurse a little more gracefully in public. So for all my nursing momma’s you will think you hit the jackpot…….that is how much of a game changer ThirdLove and Harper and Bay have been for me!!!

Please if you have any questions on nursing clothing ect. , just drop me a comment below!!