Packing for the Hospital

My pajamas also this is link for younger ones PJ’s  | Swaddles | Brush set | Bamboo Hooded towel | Baby Bamboo hooded bath Robe | Baby bonnet and blanket | Soothe Shirt

(all pictures were taken by Hannah Swain if you are local she takes amazing pictures go see her) @swainstudio

I thought since I’ve been through this just a handful of times that I would share some of my favorite must have items of what to pack in your hospital bag.

Also, I have been getting emails asking what I “specifically” pack in my hospital bag , so this post is for you. Below are some items I have come to need throughout the years with all 4 and almost 5 of my babies in those first few days at the hospital. I hope you will love them as much as i have. Also i have another bag i pack separately as i give Natural Childbirth. If you have any questions i will be happy to answer them in the comments 😉 !


packing bag:  I have loved my Target Bag  . It seriously is the best + it has organizational pockets inside and is a great size for a overnight stay.

robe + nightgown:  I always like to bring a robe to the hospital. It is just easy to nurse in and you can cover up in a second for those last minute guests. I pretty much keep my robe on the whole time as it makes skin to skin so much easier and I wear a nursing camisole underneath that is easy to stretch for skin to skin.

Nursing BraI love to always pack two incase one I leak when my milk comes in but this is one of my favorite nursing bras and so comfy!

pajamasI love These pajamas that I’m wearing in the pictures above for when my other little ones come and to take a few pictures in .

slippers + socks:  I don’t know about you, but I feel like hospitals are always so so cold and my feet freeze. Having a pair of socks and slippers are a must need in those cold hospital rooms.

compression underwear or leggings:  I put these on as soon as I can walk! If you have a C-Section they suggest waiting a little longer to wear anything so check with your Dr.  These compression underwear have always helped my hips go back down and the higher wasted leggings help with compression around the stomach as well.

belly bandit:  I tried this for the first time after Roman and absolutely loved it. Honestly this thing got me back to my pre-pregnancy size faster and totally made my hips go back down!! So worth it and Amazing!!

lily padz and organic nipple creamI found these amazing Lily Padz with my third child and I will not go back to normal nursing pads!! These are amazing and will stick to your skin and you don’t have to wear a bra at night! Also, this nipple cream is a must if you have soreness or cracking during nursing.

essentials for face and bodyI know you will probably want to at least shower and wash your face to freshen up after baby as I always do. Here are a few essentials I like to take. And its all safe for mommy and nursing baby. I love the nourishing face wash and bath collection!

coming home outfit:  I don’t feel ready to wear jeans or anything around my belly and I’d rather have something loose and flowy while my belly is still going down. I usually opt for a simple dress. I love this one and this one as well.

Lalabubaby Soothe Shirt: This i have had since my first child and i absolutely love how i can put them in my shirt and go. With 5 kids under 5 its nice to be hands free fast and still able to soothe my newborn. By far one of the best inventions! i will share more later after baby arrives!!!


swaddle blankets:  I love to swaddle my babies the first chance I get! The babies love it and it always helps them sleep better. These blankets are amazing because they are lightweight, big, and my babies stay swaddled in them!

two onesie outfits: I like to bring a couple of onesie outfits along with me to the hospital. A favorite of mine is always the classic white onesies from gap and little wrap shirts.

hats boy + hats girl:  I love to put the little hats on my babes. Because I think they lose most of their body heat through their little heads. Not only are they so cute, but they help keep them warm too.

socks:  These are a must have… so those little piggies don’t get cold. Plus the tiny ones you can pass on to all your babies.

baby towel and shampoo: I like to bring my own towel as hospital towels are so rough and i like to use our own baby shampoo when they get first bath. I love the baby collection from Beautycounter it is safe and free from any toxins and the baby oil is great for the newborn dry skin!!!

brushAMAZING BABY BRUSH , (I have the set which I use for my older children and we love love) ! With the finest bristles, made from all natural goat hair, you can softly brush your baby’s hair and massage his scalp both for grooming and relaxation. Perfect set for a healthy, cheerful baby! This is Great if your little one has a lot of hair and you want to tame for pictures 😉 . 

binkis:  The Natursutten brand have always been the kind of binki’s if I choose one . I absolutely love the Natursutten brand as its free from harmful Chemicals+Toxin Free. I also used the nuk one as its the only one my youngest took at first then he decided his fingers were much better 😉 !!!

baby coming home outfit: Girl and Boy I always love to dress my little ones up for pictures, coming home. My grandmother has so far bought all of my little ones coming home outfit and its become a tradition and I love traditions, so special!! We usually buy them at a local friends baby boutique where we live and she has amazing baby things! But I linked a few favorites here and here !!!