Isaac Henry’s Birth Story

Welcome Isaac 8Ibs 5oz on May 18, 2017

Meet Isaac Henry. Already showing me patience, just like his brother Roman, who was born on his due date as well . That its on God’s time and not my time. With love and patience nothing is impossible. I now have five children and they are all under the age of five. WAIT, WHAT????

Earlier in the day ….. was the morning of my 40 week check up, I woke up very uncomfortable .  I was having stronger contractions and still no consistent pattern. The entire afternoon was like this. My appointment was that evening , since I was feeling so uncomfortable, my husband decided it was best to meet me at my doctors appointment.  They checked my blood pressure and it was high. I was so worried as I did not want to be induced , I was wanting to go in labor on my own and have a natural childbirth . My Doctor decided to check me and see how far dilated I was, as I was having contractions. I was still only 2-3 cm. No change from the week before.  So my doctor decided to just make sure everything was ok with my blood pressure, he checked us into the hospital . We arrived for blood work and to monitor my blood pressure which was perfect while we were there. Our doctor decided that i needed to come in the next morning to be induced, if I did not go into labor before then ,as my blood work was not looking great. I was so upset but knew I was in early stages of labor…

Later that evening… We were discharged from the hospital so I could go home and get my things together and our little one’s taken care of . On our way home, around 8pm my husband (Bryan) and I were hungry so we stopped to grab dinner . When we ordered I knew I was in active labor and we had to go immediatly . The contractions were strong and  coming every 5 min. We told the young man waiting on us we had to get our dinner to go because I was in labor , poor kid was terrified and turned white as a sheep . We still laugh at his response as to when we told him. I can’t blame him. We rushed home as my contractions were more intense. My Husband knew it was time , so he called our  Doula . Once my Doula arrived she asked a few questions and decided to put me on the peanut ball to help open my pelvis .

At this point my labor was progressing slow. I was on it off and on (in between bathroom breaks) for about two hours. The last time I got up to go to the bathroom I was in so much pain and finally felt him engaged. It all started happening so fast , my Doula said it is time to go to the hospital.  (If I was by myself without the support of my Husband and Doula I would have probably stayed at home as I hate to show up for them to say , “well your not really in labor.”) haha . On the ride to the hospital I could not sit and was in a lot of pain!  My husband was going like 100mph as he was scared he may deliver this little man in the truck.   He called labor and delivery to alert them we were, in his words, “COMING IN HOT…”. haha . Oh how he can make me laugh even in the most trying and difficult times.

When we arrived at the hospital around 1 a.m. I walked into the hospital in between a contraction and waiting on my husband and Elizabeth (Doula). I noticed things slow down a lot!!  So crazy I know right ????? I always have heard that the lights in a hospital can delay and slow things down when your in labor and I did not believe it until this happened to me.  When we got into the labor room,  my husband gave the nurses our birth plan. I only requested a heplock,  just in case of a emergency there was a way to administer drugs if need be. I was able to lay down and allow them to check and see how far dilated I was , I was only 5 cm . At this point i was exhausted and had no energy . My Doula suggested resting in between contractions that were still coming every five minutes apart. We all napped in between.  Boy am I glad I did we did.

Fast Foward… 6 hours later , I was still in a lot of pain. My Doula had me do several different positions to help me along. I felt like i would progress and he would go back up and not stay engaged. It was such a weird feeling . At this point my water still had not broke,  so we decided that  breaking my water would help progress things. He broke my water at 7:40a.m. and I felt the urge to push at 8am.  (We were all amazed at the amount of fluid). I also felt God near,  as with the birth of every new life he creates. I started pushing at 8a.m. and he was born after about 5 pushes at 8:10 ! I felt the world pause as I was able to take part in one of God’s greatest blessings he gives woman. After 12 hours of labor, I was finally able to hold him in my arms.  To date, this made my fourth successful VBAC and for this I was grateful !

My Doula , husband and nurses were so supportive and encouraged me the whole way through and for them i am grateful.

My pajamas

I am thankful for this amazing blessing as much as I am thankful for all the aches and pains that has made this a reality.

Thank each of you for your congratulations , love to all!